1. rishabh hore

    Dear Sir,

    How do I fill the ONLINE pre-admission form.
    Kindly send me the link for downloading OMR pre-admission form.

    Thanks and Regards

    Rishabh Hore

  2. ritika sharma

    can we fill two preadmission form 2015-2016 if we fill the wrong marks in first place and submitted it ?

  3. ruchika

    Sir ..!! do we have to need fill both-
    1)-DU online pre admission form as well as
    2)-Du common pre admission OMR form…???
    or just any one of them
    m confused plz help..!

  4. Krati Mishra

    sir can v fil the common pre admission form online just like d way v hv filled d DU form online…If v cn fil d frm online dn plz send me d link as soon as u can so dt i can fil it as erly as posible…

  5. ashu kumar

    Process to use the rejected DU omr forms


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